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Monothermal combi boiler for large households - Available in 24 & 28 kW

  • For large households
  • High flow rate - provides hot water even when several taps are used simultaneously
  • Plate to plate heat exchanger - for improved hot water quality and a longer boiler life cycle


A monothermal combi boiler suitable for large households with its reliable technology providing heating and hot water. Its plate-to-plate heat exchanger gives the boiler a long life cycle and thanks to its high flow rate, large households can conveniently use several taps at the same time.

  • Tube heat exchanger system - high efficiency level due to increased heating surface of seven tuve heat exchangers , complies with European standards assuring high efficiency level for both maximum and minimum loads
  • Digital backlit display makes maintenance and reading the boiler's status easy
  • Makes little noise and consumes low amounts of energy thanks to fan modulation
  • Plate heat exchanger prevents the formation of scale - increases the primary heat exchanger's life cycle, making the device cost-efficient and meaning it requires little maintenance
  • Three-speed AC pump allows rate and output to be adjusted according to the heating system, therefore reducing noise and burner cycles, giving the user additional comfort